Own your own jet

25 hours at a time.

Prestige Jet Cards

Having the convenience of Private Jet travel and saving time is the foundation of the Prestige Jet Card. The program was developed to provide access to a safe and dependable fleet of aircraft at affordable rates. With the Prestige Jet Cards and Prestige Platinum Jet Cards for large jets you don’t receive invoices weeks after your flight. Simple up front hourly rates combined with great customer service drives our success.

We simply give you what you deserve; great service, great aircraft and our 30 years of business aviation experience delivered by our highly talented staff.


  1. Consistent dependable rates, based on cabin size and Jet Card category
  2. Your very own personal travel concierge
  3. No interchange program fees
  4. Full catering menu Included
  5. Pet friendly aircraft
  6. Refundable program. Exit any time.
  7. Preferred program includes a fleet 10 years or younger!
  8. Combo cards 12.5 on Mid Jet & 12.5 Super mid
  9. Simple bookkeeping monthly statement is easy to read

We don’t have many of the up-charges you may receive by other programs

No taxes
No charges for peak travel day usage.
No crew overnight fees
No charge ground transportation with the purchase of 50 hours (some minor restrictions apply)
No charge standard catering
No flight phone charges (some minor restrictions apply)
No parking fees
No landing fees
No pet fees
No fuel surcharges

We’ve simplified the Jet Card Experience.


Getting started:
We work with you to pick a program that best fits your travel requirements. You deposit the funds required for the 25 to 50 hour card you’re purchasing. The deposits are refundable at any time and they never expire. Our team sets up your Prestige Jet Card account and ensures your personal profile is established. As soon as the funds are received you can start flying. We can have you flying the same day in many instances.

jet charter card pricing

Booking your trip:
When you’re ready to book your trip, call us with your travel needs and destination we take it from there.
You have no “Black Out Dates” and you can have multiple planes in the air at one time.

Once your trip is booked we are just getting started with your experience. We coordinate your travel as needed. Our staff flight follows your flight every minute to ensure our service delivery is second to none. The success is in the attention to details.

Contact us today to experience the Bloom difference. You will see how 35 years of business aviation makes the ultra operational difference.